Welcome to the new Beveridge Seay website

Beveridge Seay is proud to debut its new website. Featuring dozens of new photos that show off various items in our portfolio, new staff photos and a much cleaner look (designed on the grid, of course), the new Beveridge Seay website better reflects who our company is in 2010.

From a technical standpoint, the new site is powered by open-source WordPress software and programmed entirely in cutting-edge HTML5 code. (So cutting-edge that the official spec hasn’t even been finalized yet!) Even so, the site displays seamlessly in beta browsers like Google Chrome 7, Mozilla Firefox 4, and Internet Explorer 9, legacy browsers like Internet Explorer 6, and even mobile browsers like iPhone Safari and the Google Android browser. (Sorry Netscape users, you’re out of luck.) Look behind the scenes at the code, and you’ll see that it’s even been optimized for easy reading and printing with HTML Tidy.