Global science and research institute selects Beveridge Seay to refresh its visual identity

Beveridge Seay, Inc., an award-winning brand and identity design consultancy, has been retained to update the visual identity of the North American branch of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI North America). Elements of the program include new wordmarks, a literature program, an updated web presence, and comprehensive brand and identity implementation guidelines.

The scientific community utilizes research from ILSI North America on a variety of issues, but is often unaware that the Institute can also provide information on tangentially related subjects. ILSI North America needs a visual solution to tie together the research and reports it generates. By creating a modular communication system, Beveridge Seay will develop continuity to reinforce the ILSI North America brand on all communication items. While individual programs will maintain their own typographic treatment and color palette, the underlying visual structure will reinforce all ILSI North America-generated material, thus strengthening the ILSI North America brand.

Richard Black Ph.D., Executive Director of ILSI North America, stated, “We engaged Beveridge Seay for their understanding of brand systems design and their ability to convey uniformity across an entire organization. Although our program information and research is reaching its intended audience, each program is operating in a silo, making it difficult for one arm of our branch to connect with another. Beveridge Seay’s cohesive, modular approach to our new identity will provide a constant visual reminder that ILSI North America is a leader in a wide collection of scientific research.”

“By working independently and presenting differing looks to its audience, ILSI North America’s various programs are not taking advantage of potential cross communications opportunities,” explained Nick Seay, President of Beveridge Seay, Inc. “With its new brand identity, ILSI North America will enhance its brand equity and communicate more clearly to scientists, health professionals, and its members.”

ILSI is a worldwide, non-profit organization that is makes a difference in public health by advancing the understanding of scientific issues related to nutrition, food safety, and the environment. ILSI North America’s work focuses primarily on issues in Canada and the United States.