3 quick tips for successful PowerPoint presentations

1. Simplify your Content. Your message should always be concise and your presentation clear. Streamline your ideas and reference your concepts as simply as possible. Your slides should act as a series of visual cues, giving you an opportunity to expand and elaborate. Your audience should be attentive and engaged; not preoccupied trying to interpret a complicated visual.

2. Avoid Gimmicks. Just because PowerPoint offers elaborate backgrounds, flashy transitions, and easy animation doesn’t mean you should use it! Think about your audience, your message, your brand, and the image that you want to convey. Your audience should consider your message as significant and thought-provoking — not something that relies on novelties to hold their attention.

3. Beware of Bulky Templates. While templates and Master Slides are essential, avoid text and elements on your template that are overstated as they may outshine your content. And steer clear of space-consuming borders — you will pine for that real estate sometime down the road.

A good template will serve as a consistent and simple backdrop, creating a professional structure that appropriately represents your brand. Ideally, you want your audience to view your message and to not be distracted by the elements that surround it.