re:FORM for reform

The Drug Policy Alliance is hosting its second “re:FORM” art auction and cocktail party benefit on Monday, May 17th at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. in New York City. Beveridge Seay developed the program graphics and it’s great to be associated with DPA and artist co-chairs Donald Baechler and Fred Tomaselli. Word has it that there may be some big announcements unveiled at the event. Join us!

Grassroots for NPRA

NPRA, a national energy industry trade association, asked Beveridge Seay to assist with aligning an identity for its new Outreach program with the organizational brand. NPRA Outreach is the association’s grassroots, grasstops, local media and coalition-building advocacy program.

Big game consistency?

The NFL just announced a visual identity system for the 2011 Super Bowl and all FUTURE post-season play. Kudos to Landor for getting this through, but I wonder how long the program will last. In an environment where product revenue is king, will the similarity from year to year allow the NFL to maximize sales of game-related merchandise?

Legible London

We are always interested in updated thinking about signage — especially during our current engagement re-signing the Northern Virginia Community College campuses. Here is a great read on Legible London, an attempt to get people walking in London, from Slate.

Google’s doodles

In a recent New York Times Magazine article, Google’s Doodles, Alice Rawsthorn discussed the importance of consistency in brand implementation, or lack thereof. So who does it better, Google or Apple?

Designer Alex Schultz announced as a winner in the Urban Forest Project

Alex Schultz’s banner design was selected as 1 of the 100 posters that will be exhibited this April throughout downtown Washington, DC. To promote Arbor and Earth Days, The Urban Forest Project and the District Department of Transportation will install 100 banners that each address and comment on issues concerning the environment.