3 quick tips for successful PowerPoint presentations

1. Simplify your Content. Your message should always be concise and your presentation clear. Streamline your ideas and reference your concepts as simply as possible. Your slides should act as a series of visual cues, giving you an opportunity to expand and elaborate. Your audience should be attentive and engaged; not preoccupied trying to interpret a complicated visual. More >

Health e-Lunch Kids launches new ordering system

A year after the first online order was placed, after surveys, user discussions, and pure trial and error, a new ordering system for the promising startup Health e-Lunch Kids is taking orders. Designed by Beveridge Seay, and built on the popular open-source Ruby on Rails platform by Smart Logic Solutions, the ordering system is designed to do exactly what it’s users want it to do: let people order lunches that are both healthy and exactly what their kids want. More >